How to earn 10% of your purchase as fab365 points



How to earn 10% of your purchases as points at fab365
When you purchase a product in this shop, you can get 10% of the purchase amount back as points on

Here's how to get a 10% refund.


1. Add the product you want to purchase to your cart


2. Click the top right cart icon. or click this


3. Please enter your email address and proceed with payment.
If you wait for a while after payment, points will be credited
within 3 business days on

*It must be a registered email on Exchanges and refunds are difficult after points are provided.

 How to check paid points

Click the icon in the upper right corner to view the point menu.


Click the Points menu to check the points paid.
If points have not been paid within 3 days,
please send an email to


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